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In Honor of the Grey Wolf, Meet Black Wolf Touring and Custom LLC

Back Wolf Touring and Custom LLC has been the dream of founder Zack Witkowsky since he disassembled and reassembled his first Airhead at eight years old in his father's shop.

Zack's father, Jeff, started it all. When Zack was growing up, Jeff owned bike shops in Park Forest, Crete, and Beecher, Il. Zack spent his childhood sweeping the shop floors and handing Jeff tools. As time passed and Zack grew up, Jeff shared his knowledge, instilling a passion for motorcycles. Over 20+ years, they worked side by side until the evening before Jeff's passing in 2017. 

When Zack and his wife Jen decided it was time to make Zack's dream of owning his own shop a reality, they felt it was only fitting to name it with a nod to Jeff. For years Zack's mom called his dad the grey wolf, so as the grey wolf's protege, we are "Black Wolf Touring and Custom LLC."

As a family-owned and operated shop, we offer our clients an honest, friendly, and informative environment where we can work together to design the bike of their dreams and see it come to life. We know you have your choice of shops, and we want the clear choice to be the people that care as much about you as you care about your motorcycle; let us know what you're looking for, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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