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Take a peak at some of our projects; past, present and future.

75 R75.6 v3.0

1975 BMW R75/6 v3.0

77 R100RS.jpg

1977 BMW R100RS

77 R100S.jpg

1977 BMW R100S

My dad's first BMW which he gave to me when I was 8. The version you see in this album is #3 which came to life in 2014 and stayed this way until the summer of 2018. 

My Dad's flagship which he bought brand new in '77. He and I restored this bike together from 2015-2017.

My brother, Alex, bought this well-loved and sun-faded bike from our cousin; We created and applied the custom black cherry pearl paint.


BMW '81 R100/'83 R80
"Cora Belle"


Mark's 1983 R80RT

     "The Firebike"


1990 BMW K75RT

This project was a labor of love, a One-of-a-kind custom build for  "The Boss", my wife, Jen. 

Taking this 1983 R80RT from time-worn stock to fresh custom dream bike. Mark was a fireman for many years, and we were excited to be a part of making his dream bike come true while giving the nod to his service to his community as a first responder. 

My wife Jen's first bike, a gift from the grey wolf.

Fairing Mold.jpg

Custom Fairings


Custom Bodywork

Rick's 1980 R100T

At Black Wolf, we believe your bike should look exactly the way you want it to. That means sometimes a stock fairing just doesn't make the cut. Here is a look at some of the custom fairings we have fabricated

Custom fabrication is a passion here at Black Wolf and we enjoy thinking outside of the box. Here is a look at some of the various specialty fabrication work we have done.  

From a forgotten bike leaning against a garage to a clean, tight and right beauty.

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