Meet the Black Wolf Team


Zack Witkowsky

The Black Wolf

Zack grew up with a wrench in one hand and an airbrush in the other. He wasn't even a year old when his motorcycle adventures started as a sidecar passenger. By 8 years old he had rebuilt his first Airhead. After years of making his own bike dreams come true, he looks forward to sharing his passion for motorcycles while he helps you make your motorcycle the ride of your dreams.

JW.Luka Pic.jpg

Jen Witkowsky

Co-Founder/The Boss

While Zack is busy making dreams reality in the shop, Jen is busy making sure things run smoothly. Although a lot of her time is spent behind the scenes she loves when she is able to spend time at the shop or at a rally.



Shop Dog in Training

Luka is the newest member of the Black Wolf team. Jen and Zack adopted him in October of 2018. Sharp as a tack and as graceful as an ox he keeps everyone on their toes with his puppy antics. Since Luka aspires to be just like his big brother we felt it was only fitting to name a fairing after him too!


Chief Shop Dog

Atlas is Black Wolf's official shop dog. Some of you might notice one of our fairings is even named after him. He is a 10-year-old German Shepherd Dog we adopted in 2016. He is great at alerting us if there are any leaves, squirrels or UPS trucks threatening the shop.